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System reposition

May 26, 2024

Moving Blog System to

I've finally moved my blog back to . My blog has migrated across various platforms after my journey with Typlog, including Blot, Bear blog, Hyvor, and others.

I left Typlog due to cost considerations. For my Traditional Chinese blog, I wanted to set a custom font, which would have cost $12 per month just for header customization.

Subsequently, my mindset shifted towards simplicity and utility. This led me to Blot, a powerful blog hosting platform. However, I left due to its $4 monthly fee, even after paying $44 for a year's subscription. Similarly, I briefly paid $5 per month for Bear blog.

I purchased a lifetime plan for Hyvor ($57 from AppSumo), but it wasn't as simple as I desired. My writing frequency decreased significantly after switching to this platform.

These experiences taught me that I prefer lifetime deals (LTD) over monthly subscriptions. However, beyond pricing, the platform's feel is crucial for sustaining my writing habit.

Blot was the platform that most encouraged me to write. Through GitHub integration, I learned new technological approach . Additionally, GitHub helps me retain all change records for my creations, allowing me to review them when needed.

Moving Changelog to Gridea (where you are now)

While I had been using a changelog-specific SaaS, Releasesapp , for publishing changelogs, it wasn't as clean as I wanted. Consequently, I updated it sporadically due to the nature of the service.

I hadn't focused on Gridea for a while due to its limitations. However, when I saw the founder's posts on X showcasing significant progress and an appealing changelog sample, I was impressed. As a result, I moved back to Gridea, and now you're here, reading these changelog articles.

Drafted by Will , co-worked with Claude 3.5 Sonnet .